Monday, January 22, 2007

A vitamin a day may do more harm than good

If you count on taking a daily vitamin to make up for your health deficiences you may be getting a whole lot more or less than what you bargained for. There were 21 brands of multivitamins on the market in the United States and Canada selected by and tested by independent laboratories being tested to see if they met the standards printed on the label. Only 10 met the stated claims on their labels or satisfied other quality standards. according to president Dr. Tod Cooperman, is that one product, The Vitamin Shoppe Multivitamins Especially for Women, was contaminated with lead.In the report, tests showed that The Vitamin Shoppe women's product contained 15.3 micrograms of lead per daily serving of two tablets. These vitamins contained 10 times the amount permitted, and did not have a warning. Some multi-vitamins contained more or less of a particular vitamin than listed on the label. Some vitamins did not disolve in the correct amount of time, which meant that the vitamin wasnt given enough to absorb and would pass through the body too quickly.

Good thing that these vitamins are being tested because people should be fully aware of what they are putting into their bodies. Evidently vitamin producers arnt putting correct labels on the vitamins and leaving out certain amounts of ingrediants which can tamper with peoples health. Some people have health related problems and rely on vitamins to help keep themselves healthy, and if producers arnt putting correct information on the ingrediants thats basically tampering with peoples health. Even though the popular multi-vitamin brands that were tested turned out to be ok, other brands wern't. Most people arnt aware of the effects of too much of a certain type of vitamin and how it can harm your health. They just trust vitamins to keep them healthy. Well, if the vitamin producers arnt being honest then they should not be trusted by people. For example if you have too much vitamin A it can cause bone weakening and liver abnormalities. I think its essential for producers and companies to make sure vitamins are what they are and they put the correct ingrediants on the label.

Parents rebel against birthdays gone wild

Linda Zwicky, seen here in her in St. Paul, Minn., home on Jan. 17, with her son, Wyatt, 4, helped found a group that's trying to reduce the pressure parents feel to throw extravagant, overindulgent birthday parties for their kids. She decided have a ballerina theme for her daughter’s sixth birthday party, Michelle West drove all over to find little dancers for the cake. Then she put 50 little beefeater guards around the edges. And she gave it beautiful white icing with peppermint trim. Guess what happened? The kids would not eat it. Other parents have joined this organizations because of other simular problems dealing with birthday parties such as:A birthday party for a 1-year-old featured a gift-opening that lasted two hours. The child slept through most of it, seven-year-olds were picked up in stretch limos to attend the birthday party of a classmate, and a 6-year-old guest at a St. Paul birthday party didn’t like the contents of the gift bag and declared: “This is a rip-off.” In December, a 4-year-old girl was mauled by a cougar that was brought in as part of the entertainment at a birthday party for a 7-year-old in Coral Gables, Fla.
Its obvious that kids are becoming more and more spoiled as the years go on. Is it necessary to throw a party for a baby that can't even speak? I dont think so neither is it necessary to pay for a stretch limo for a first grader that isnt even old enough to appreciate it and probally wont remember it anyways. Parents have to realize that presents don't buy happiness and by spoiling their kids they arnt helping them out what so ever. Birthday parties come once a year and should be special, that doesnt mean you need a petting zoo. Maybe instead of bringing the dangerous zoo to the house take your child and a few other parents and children to the zoo for the day, its a heck of a lot easier. Its sad that kids mope and complain about how much they get and what they get and arnt satisfied with how much hard work and effort the parents went through. So why go through the frustrations and money to try and please a child that wont appreciate it. Hopefully this organization has some big tips for parents on how to guide their children into the direction of having a good time with less materialistic things. This organization was a good idea because i can see how frustrated some parents would considering they want the best for their children and cant always provide everything they want.

Cyber Investigations

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating cybering on internet. The FBI's cyber mission is four-fold: first and foremost, to stop those behind the most serious computer intrusions and the spread of malicious code; second, to identify and thwart online sexual predators who use the Internet to meet and exploit children and to produce, share, or possess child pornography; third, to counteract operations that target U.S. intellectual property, endangering our national security and competitiveness; and fourth, to dismantle national and transnational organized criminal enterprises engaging in Internet fraud. The initiatives to this investigation include: Online child pornography program, Infragard:FBI/Private Sector Partnership, and Anti-Piracy/Intellectual Property Rights. They also have come up with ways to protect yourself. You can file internet crime complaints, they have new e- scams and warnings, and programs to prevent internet fraud, and risk of peer to peer networks, and parent guides to internet safety. There are also online job scans and certain programs to protect you from cyber threats.
I think this is a good idea because too many people are getting away with internet fraud, and also kids are getting kidnapped from sexual preditors. Parents should be aware of safety to help prevent these things from occuring. I think its a good idea for programs and networks to work together to help gain control over these preditors. The internet can be very dangerous and I dont think enough is being done to prevent such horrible crimes from being commited. The FBI should investigate cybering and do everything in their power to make the internet safer for both adults and children. The internet is a powerful thing and can get out of control if mis-used. These programs will help target preditors and protect us against sex offenders and people ingaging in internet fraud. Only so much can be done to insure us our national security the rest is up to us to be smart about what we are doing and who we are talking to. Adults should make smart decisions and be aware of what their kids have access to on the internet.

‘Idol’ judges say there’s no cruel streak this year

“American Idol” judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul say they’re no crueler than usual this year, and that people who audition should know what they’re going to get. Cowell told television writers at a news conference that if you dont want to hear that don't show up. They are accused of making harassing brutal comments towards the auditioners. The judges claim that their comments are honest and that its ok to say their opinion. Cowell has a reputation of having blunt, nasty comments and he told a contestant that his singing was horrendous and he looked like a “bush baby.” Reporters and t.v. broadcasters are trying to draw the line and decide whether or not American Idol judges are too cruel. Jayne sang "God Bless America" and was criticized by the judges. The New York Times later reported that Jayne had said he had appeared in Special Olympics, an event for the mentally challenged.
I actually watched the episode when Simon Cowell called that guy a "Bush baby". He harrased this guy on national television with really crued comments about his singing and how he looked like a monkey. I think they are taking it too far. Even though he didn't have the best singing voice, doesnt mean he can mock his outer appearance.You could tell on the show that they were aiming their criticism towards people that did not have vocal talent and weren’t physically good looking. The judges also make cruel comments towards mentally challenged contestants. They should have pre auditions before the actual audition because they are mocking and making fun of mentally challened people who audition. This is horrible. It is wrong to make fun of them. I think the show has taken critisim to an extreme point were it should not be publicized on national television. Some of it can be funny but when you start bashing mentally retarded people just to have a laugh its not exactly what i call a good sense of humor. I'm not saying only let the talented audition, because then the show would not be interesting, but its deffinently not ok to make fun of mentally challenged contestants. They should have a background check on contestants before they allow them to audition.

Bush gives abortion rights opponents pep talk

On monday in Washington, President Bush told thousands of abortion rights opponents that he shares their goal of seeing "the day when every child is welcomed in life and protected into law." Democrats want to broaden embroyonic stem-cell research. Bush is against this because he is pro-life. "Our challenge is to make sure that science serves the cause of humanity instead of the other way around," the president said in a telephone call piped over loudspeakers to a Washington rally of opponents of abortion rights. "I have made clear to the Congress, we must pursue medical advances in the name of life, not at the expense of it." The President has vetoed bills on advancing embroyonic research that advocates claim can be medical curing.
I don't believe in abortion. I agree with President Bush when he wants to ban this sort of cell research from taking place, because it makes it ok to kill babies and use the aborted cells for research. This makes the impression that its ok to kill babies because the cells from the babies are going towards research which is beneficial. If he would have allowed this bill to be passed through congress it would make it legal to grow aborted cells for purpose of research. I find it disturbing to fund something in favor of killing a child for research purposes. Focus on alternative methods of research. Abortion is murdering a child that should have had an oppurtunity to live. If killing somebody is illegal then why isnt abortion? Abortion is kind of contradicting that law isnt it? I do have another view on abortion though. If somebody is pregnant and physically uncapable of having a baby for health related issues then I find it a little more necessary to abort. Adoption is always an oppurtunity if you are unable to care for a child properly. Researchers should not have the right to allow aborted babies to be used towards research.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

'Half-Animal' Woman Is Discovered After Spending 19 Years Alone in Cambodian Jungle

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia a woman who disappeared in the jungles of northeastern Cambodia as a child has apparently been found after living in the wild for 19 years, police said Thursday."She is like half-human and half-animal," said Mao San, police chief of Oyadao district in Rattanakiri province. "She's weird. She sleeps during the day and stays up at night."The father of Rochom P'ngieng, had recognized a scar on his daughters which convinced him it was his daughter, along with some recognizable facial features.Rochom P'ngieng, then 8 years old, disappeared one day in 1988 when she was herding buffalo in a remote northeastern jungle area, said Chea Bunthoeun, a deputy provincial police chief. She was discovered this month after a villager noticed that food disappeared from a lunch box he left at a site near his farm. The girl had been steeling rice from the villager. The girls DNA was tested and it matched her parents.,2933,244440,00.html
This amazes me how a girl as young as 8 years old could survive in a jungle for that many years. She was able to live in a jungle on her own with no parents. During this time she basically had to raise herself and lost all her human characteristics she can't speak a language or anything. This is why they consider her half animal. Its going to be difficult to try and teach her how to speak again because people learn how to speak when they are toddlers and as you get older you are unable to pick up a language if it has been neglected your whole life. For her to try and adjust to a normal life is going to be a shock she is use to living in the wild and living off of nature. The things we consider essential to living this girl hasn't seen or used for almost two decades. It is really a miracle how she has adapted to the wild and managed to make her way back to her family after all these years.

Punishment for Teen Terrors

Three freshman girls were caught on video tape beating another girl up in North Babylon. The superintendant was very upset after viewing this. School District superintendent, Dr. Joseph Laria had said: "Absolutely they do not remain in school, Greta. They are thrown out. They are suspended. We have a zero tolerance for this kind of despicable behavior. We had a superintendent's hearing, we acted forcefully, we acted swiftly. And they are out of school until April, pending a second review by me to determine whether they'll return for the balance of the year." This highschool beating opened up the eyes of many as it was made clear that bullying and beatings were going on at their school. These girls evidently had a poor reputation and are violent towards students. Laria said "They have not had any extreme disciplinary problems. They get sucked into this culture of violence and a need to have notoriety and instant gratification.",2933,244590,00.html
Babylon is clearly not the only highschool with hazing, beating, and violence. This is a worldwide issue in public schools, and all schools for that matter. There is only so much a district can do to prevent these things from happening. Lack of control in public education today is an issue that public schools have to deal with, but on the other hand parents need to guide their children into the right direction as well. Many parents have lost control of their children and are either afraid to discipline or don't know how to correctly dicipline their kids. When students are punished in school parents feel that thats enough punishment and dont take any action to discipline them at home. These girls were suspended from school but is that enough to teach them their lesson? or are there other ways of dealing with serious situations that need to take place.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gas Prices Finally Follow Crude Oil Prices Down

The price of gas is at falling. Our national average is at $2.23 a gallon, according to the AAA of Hawthorne, FL. The national average for mid-grade is at $2.27 and premium is $2.45. St. Thomas in Virgin Islands is holding the highest price on gas which stands at $3.30/gallon. Boiling Springs in South Carolina has the lowest rate at $1.78/gallon. The crude oil prices are falling as well. A barrel runs for $51.33. According to the Automobile Club of Southern California, their month report shows that gas prices have decreased in the region the last couple of weeks, but the levels are still higher than those of one month ago. The Southern California January average price for regular self-serve gasoline is $2.65, compared to $2.52 on December 12. The record high price for Southern California was $3.42, set on May 16. Gas prices vary from state to state.
The oil cartel wants to see how rapid they can produce refined oil. This is the reasoning behind gas rates decreasing in price. They are lowering the price to see how fast they can produce and how much can be sold this year. Supply and demand is a huge factor in oil production across the nation. Gas companies have to use up their gas and sell it before they can buy more because they bought it at the higher price. This is why some gas stations have higher prices than others and it varies between states because they have to sell their inventory to make money. Depending upon sales and how many people are buying gas from a particular gas station determines the price. Busy gas stations sell gas at a quicker rate so are able to sell gas at a lower price. On the other hand states with higher taxes have higher gas prices. We as a nation cannot necessarily control gas prices because we have no control over oil production companies and how much is bought and sold. The only thing that is in our power is how we use gas people should car pool, use public transportation, walk or bike to work if you are able, and use gas for necessary needs, so this natural resource is not abused and wasted. How we distribute this natural resource is in the hands of the people and should be used in a respectable manner, because how we live in the future is determined by the decisions we make now. Hopefully researchers can master the Ethonal Autmobiles so less and less oil is needed to run cars. With new technology, substitutes will hopefully soon be established so less oil is needed. This would prevent the cause and outbreak of a lot of wars over this natural resource. Think of all the disputes and issues between countries over oil reserves; these could be solved and prevented if we found an alternative resource.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Taco Bell E. Coli Suspects Narrowed Down to Scallions

In trenton New Jersey tests were announced this weekend that have ruled out all of its ingredients except one, scallions. This is a posslible source of E. cloli that is responsible for the sickness of 60 people in the Northeast. Certified labratories have been doing random testing in particular restraunts in which preliminary tests showed scallion samples contained the E. coli strain, and it no longer plans to sell them. The source of this outbreak leads back to a California farm, although health officials are still investigating. Due to this outbreak Taco Bell as a precaution has swiched produce suppliers, even though these suppliers may have no association with the illness. The president of Taco Bell ,Greg Creed, is doing everything in his power to keep customers and employees safe. These cases have been reported in many states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said it expected the number of cases to grow. This is a very serious situation,forty-nine of those who got sick were hospitalized, and seven developed a type of kidney failure.,2933,235728,00.html
This is a serious health concern, and hopefully new theories will be developed on how to prevent this bacterial distaster at its prime source rather than wait for outbreaks to happen in order to do something about it. This is obviously a widespread health issue that has nasty effects and can literally destroy somebodies health, and even result in death. There are so many different characteristics and forms of E Coli its hard to keep up with this growing bacteria that has particular forms growing inside of all different kinds of animals. This makes it hard to detect it which leads to sickness and its ability to spread through out a community even a nation. Prevention is being discovered by disease control and other health orientated agencies and hopefully soon they will be able to put an end to this bacteria that is causing people to get sick. This will also help keep restraunts clean and sanitary preventing other food illnesses from spreading.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Immigrants "Buying Their Way In"

Wednesday November 1st
The British Have Invaded Florida by Way of the E2 Visa, immigrants can now purchase U.S. businesses through Visa. Foriegners wait years for permission to live legally in the U.S., and a growing percentage have discovered a legal path into this country by promising to purchase businesses in this country. By foriegners purchasing these businesses it creates jobs for Americans boosting our economy by bringing in money. Non-immigrant investor visas, known as E2 is the key to immigrants coming into this country. The number of E2 visas approved has steadily grown, with 28,290 issued in 2005, up 40 percent from the number issued in 1997, according to the State Department.The State Department does not require any specific size investment. Rather it says the business owner must invest a "substantial amount of capital" that generates "more than enough income to provide a minimal living for the treaty investor and his or her family."Immigration attorneys say most businesses are purchased for more than $100,000. As such, the investor visa has become particularly popular among citizens of countries with robust economies.Japanese nationals were granted 12,010 E2 visas in 2005, up 16 percent from 1997. British citizens were issued 3,170 E2 visas, up 47 percent from 1997. Germans were issued 3,066 visas in 2005, up 85 percent from 1997. The number of visas issued to South Koreans in 2005 more than doubled to 2,169 from 1997. E2 visas were initiated in 1952 in the Immigration and Nationality Act. already have problems with immigration rights in this country and by legally allowing certain immigrants to come to this country through job promotions tends to contradict some alien rights. They shouldn't have to buy their way into this country, maybe it helps the economy grow in some sense but how is that fair to America. We should be providing jobs for our own people with the help of our own country its like accepting welfare from another country. Our economy should grow and inspire growth with in its self. This country is being twofaced by accepting immigrants through visas from people promising to start businesses, if they have such desire in economic growth why dont they prosper in their own country. Its not fair to let some people in to our country to supposevly use them to help strengthen the economy. How do we know its not a scandle just to get into our country? Everyone should have to earn their own rights into this country they shouldn't have to buy their way in. How can we avoid immigration and make it illegal in most situations, yet allow people to sneak their way in just because they claim they have the answer to economic growth and job opportunities? This nation has its downfalls and in order to strengthen our economy we have to learn and rebuild ourselves, we can't rely on foriegners to fix our problems. We need to use eachother in our country as building blocks. We need our countries support to help gain knowledge and offer more opportunites in the work force. Its our countries duty to help do whats right in society to provide Americans with jobs and build wealth with in our own nation. We can't control economy completly but we can learn from our mistakes and build as a nation together.

E-85 Ethonal Capable Vehicles

Thursday October 19th
E85 ethanol fuel dispensing facility.General Motors provided this vehicle as part of their new campaign, Governors’ Ethanol Coalition, to promote ethanol and E85-capable vehicles in the state. GM is now supporting 11 states that have turned to ethanol as an alternative to gasoline in cars, and has joined partnerships to open new E85 ethanol fueling stations. So far there are over 1000 E85 fuel stations in the US, and growing yearly. E85 fuel stations can be found in these states so far: Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. For more information go to that run on ethanol or an ethanol blend. Ethanol is made from the fermentation of a U.S. grown, renewable feed crop such as corn; often used with FFV (Flexible Fuel Vehicles) that run off of a blend of 85% ethanol with 15% gasoline and is somewhat cleaner burning than gasoline alone. agree with the promotions E85 ethanol ran vehicles. We should increase the investments in research to alternatives because we do waste our natural resources and either we find ways to reserve them or suffer consequences. Corn is a crop that is renewable and can be mass produced, oil can not be renewed, and deffinently is not mass produced. The way we burn oil today is a waste and should be reconsidered because we go to war for such valuable resources and then when we get our hands on them we put them to waste. Is it really necessary to drive a hummer to work? It's nice you can afford a vehicle used in war, but honostly think all of the oil being burned and where does it go?It goes into our atmosphere poluting our environment. With new technology hopefully in our near future less and less oil will be used and more renuable resources will be taken into consideration as an alternative to prevent scarce natural reasources, war, and pollution.

Mary-Kate Eating Disorder

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Celebrity Mary-Kate Olsen seeks help and treatment for anorexia. Mary-Kate and many other teen idols have been diagnosed with an eating disorder which has a huge impact on eating disorders through out the world, and teenagers looking up to it. "Mary-Kate and Ashley" name is attached to products ranging from clothing to beauty products, making their net-worth more than $300-million, and this product line is very popular amongst young teenage girls. Mary-Kate was noticeably thinner in recent months, leading to speculation that she might suffer from an eating disorder. This teen star checked into a health clinic to help her with this health related issue and seeked help in rehab. She was viewed by teenagers in people magazine, and all over television networks and she was looked up to as a role model and a hero. Anerexia is a disease that many teens look to, to become skinnier. She has currently finished rehab and is looking forward to finishing her freshman year at New York University.-The following are some warning signs of a possible eating disorder:*Skipping meals*Overemphasis on importance of weight and body size*Weight loss or failure to grow*Change in foods that were once favored*Frequent weighing-Every system could be affected, but common medical consequences include:*Slow heart rate*A cold feeling due to a slowed metabolic rate*Low blood pressure and dizziness*Hair loss and skin that looks sallow*Interrupted menstrual cycle*Abnormal blood test results, indicating vomiting and laxative abuse and other teen celebrities are viewed as heros in the eyes of many including a huge percentage of teenage girls. I find in my school just as much as celebs that girls tend to be very confidential about their weight. When celebritys are extremely thin it promotes in media the idea that every girl and every woman should have an ideal weight of less than average. I think media has a huge impact on the whole weight issue. Teenagers view these role models as what women should look like and they see how skinny they are and think that their weight isn't good enough and thats what they should look like. Celebrities falling into the hands of Anorexia leads young teenage girls to follow because thats what they have to look up to. Media seems to only praise people who are young skinny and beatiful rather than talented, caring, and loving. The world we live into today has over rated media and seems to lead people astray of reality and T.V. Not everybody is meant to be skinny, people come in all shapes and sizes and our society needs to learn how to accept it for future generations.

Nuclear Bombs in North Korea

Sunday October 8th
North Korea Claims Test of Nuclear Weapon; U.S. Officials Can't Confirm
The North Korean Dictator had successfully tested a nuclear bomb in Hwaderi near Kilju city. In Washington a wide variety of government officials and agencies were taking the nuclear testing into consideration very seriously. North Korea had previously claimed of having nuclear weapons, but no testing took place and nothing was proven. U.S. officials have have previously accused North Korea of having a secret nuclear program, in 2003, dealing with a nuclear pact between Washington and Pyongyang. . After that the the country pulled out of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Earlier this year suspicion arrose when the U.S. and Japenese reports cited suspicious activity that appeared to be an underground test cite. Proof is finally available and they found enough radioactive material to make 6 bombs, using plutonium from its main nuclear reactor located at Yongbyon. The North has active missle programs, but they arn't viewed as a threat because they dont have a design light enough to strike the U.S.,2933,218699,00.htmlJust seems like yesterday that the secretary of state Albright was toasting champaign with the dictator of North Korea, while Bill Clinton was president. She tried to appease with him, and thought everything was going to be just fine, trying to solve conflict in a friendly manner.A past president ,Jimmy Carter, quarter backed getting the necessary nuclear tools such as I.E. nuclear reactors, and knowledge to the North Korean Government. Since this wasn't taken into previous consideration, it allowed North Korea plenty of time to establish a nuclear program in which designed nulcear bombs. Now South Korea is on a high military allert due to this production of nuclear bombs and availabilty to missel technology. Treaties were broken in the 1990's in which allowed the Dictaor of North Korea the capability to produce these nuclear weapons. Since the previous presidents and goverment officials didn't take this seriously and stand up to him it has allowed him to develope bombs and he could easily sell his technology to terrorists. Something should have been done along time ago and it was blown off and has lead into a serious threat.

Kids T.V. Health Kick

Thursday October 19th
Fast food industries and other companies target children at a young age by advertising fastfood and junk food related items. The Washington-based Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) called on TV networks, stations and food marketers to eliminate junk- and fast-food advertising to anyone under 18. These companies on average spend 10-12 billion dollars a year advertising to market children and teens. Adverstisment for unhealthy food is overtaking networks and is catching adolscents eyes, which is limiting the promotion for healthier eating habits and nutrition. Kids programming is to net $910 million in this spring's upfront—12% more than last year, this means that more and more unhealthy eating habits are being picked up by commercials and fastfood adverstisment. Younger kids view this on television and to them this is all they know so they become immune to this diet by becoming addicted at a young age. With the increasing amount of television being watched at a young age the more advertisment is taken in and children's health is at risk. is taking over networks, every commercial break you have you see more and more advertisment for fast foods. I think that a high percentage of children watch television and see these commercials and use toys and such to lure the kids into eating at their fast food restraunts. If they develope these eating habits at a young age its going to be more likely for them to keep this diet through out school and they will eventually develope poor eating habits leading to obesity. It doesn't help when these commercials advertise and promote unhealthy foods to younger kids. Ronald McDonald is a perfect example. He's a clown with a nice fun play place hopefully those kids play in there for 6 hours to burn off all the fat in that cheeseburger and those fries they ate. I see more obsese children now than ever, its depressing, and you look at the parents they are the same way. Its sad seeing these children, that are suppose to be active at their age, that can't even run across the play ground with out breaking a sweat at age 5. I think that they should limit the amount of commercials and adverstisment of fastfood all it is, is a franchise trying to make money they arn't concerned about health at all. Here have a barbie in your kidsmeal, and high cholesteral for the rest of your life. Its not worth getting your kids started, when your young you should be active, and in fastfood and junk food there is absolutely no nutritional value so why eat it? Limit television and junkfood. Start your kids lifes out right, and healthy. Be rolemodels as parents you be the adverstisment and promote healthy nutritional food.

Smoke Free Work Place

Friday October 13th
Smoking ban linked to better health for bar staff
In Scotland pubs and clubs have taken in the consideration to ban smoking to provide a smoke free work place for staff. This was to improve the health of the licensed workers in these pubs and clubs. Researchers of Dundee Universtity's asthma and allergy research group have revealed positive results on over 80 bar staff who were tested on their health. They did testing before smoking was prohibited and after. Two months into the testing after smoking was banned from these work places it became clear that the workers had far less breathing problems, and they benifited from increased lung function, and the amount of nicotine in their blood had significantly reduced. Dr. Daniel Menzies, who was the principle investigator, was shocked at the level of health improvements. The proportions showing the symptoms dropped from over 80 percent to less than 50 percent. These symptons included sore throats or coughs, or painful eyes. Other testing included the following: measuring of lung function, the amount of nicotine in their bloodstream, and the amount of innflamation in their lungs. The breathing tests showed that the impovement levels had risen 5 to 10 percent. The workers were happy with these results and the fact that the bar they worked at banned smoking. think that this testing should be taken into consideration not only in Scotland clubs but all over the world. Smoking is a personal choice and other people that don't smoke should be entitled to breathing clean air. Just because one person chooses to smoke doesn't mean the rest of us want a share of those chemicals. It seems as if we are forced to inhale cigarrette smoke due to the poor habits of other people. I think smoking is a discusting habit, and i hate being in restraunts and walking around in public having to breathe in smoke. Not only does it smells gross and unhealthy to breathe , but people just flick their cigarrette butts everywhere using our environment as an ashtray. I think that smoking should be banned from the public as much as possible. Its not right for other people to suffer just because people choose to smoke. Smoke is a health hazard to other people because they inhale second hand smoke which is just as bad as smoking the cigarrette yourself. Second hand smoke can lead to lung cancer, asthma and can affect your health in many other ways so why should non smokers suffer from smokers? Non- smokers choose to be healthy and fight a nasty habit so they can remain smoke free. A smoke free society should be enforced because everybody should be entitled to living a healthy life and breathing clean air.

Amish School Shooting

Saturday September 30th
A 32-year-old man by the name of Charles Roberts who was a milkman from Lancaster County shot 10 girls at West Nickle Mines Amish school last monday. He was a well known man to the amish community and frequently visited the old-fashioned farms. Charles appeared to be a devoted father and husband. Police figured that he chose the 10 girls at random with no specific reason. Roberts was heavily loaded with multiple guns and ammunition. He had a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, a 300,000-volt stun gun, two shotguns, 600 rounds of ammunition and an assortment of chains and restraining devices. He lined up 10 girls ages 6-13 and shot them in the back of the head. Five of these girls died and the rest remain hospitalized. After shooting these girls he then turned the gun on himself. kinds of things happen everyday and they are pretty much impossible to prevent. As the article i read states that he was well known to the community and he wasn't suspected as a bad guy at all. People in the community respected him even though he was known as an outsider, the children still spoke with him and greeted him as a friend. His friends spoke up in the investigation saying that he was a devoted father and husband. He lived a pretty normal life, and had something inside of him nobody knew. I was shocked when i read the type of ammunition and guns he used in the shooting. These girls were young and innocent and were targeted for no apparent reason. I can't even imagine the grief and sadness that this ammish community is going through. A couple of the girls even sacrificed their own lives for the sake of the other girls. This just goes to show that these girls were loved and had a passion for one another. Its sad that he had to take his problems out on these girls and then take his own life. He even had 3 young children of his own and its depressing that this had to happen.

Banning Junk Food From Schools

Wednesday October 4th
The clinton administration put a ban on junk food being sold in public schools and made an agreement with companies such as Kraft Foods Inc., Mars Inc., Campbell Soup Co., Dannon and PepsiCo Inc. They wanted to change the diets of adolecents by removing junk food and replacing it with items with more nutritional value. They noticed that students were turning to unhealthy foods as oppose to eating the school lunches. They figure that by taking away these foods is going to help the rates obesity decline. This acted as a way of encouragement to schools to help promote healthier eating habits at a young age. The president of the school nutrition administration didn't want this to subsitute for federal legislation enacting stronger health standards for school food. i know they have cracked this down on our school to. I was pretty upset when they took away all the food machines in our school. Personally i think what you eat is completely entirely up to you, taking away candy machines isnt going to make the students in our school healthier. To get obese you would have to eat the whole machine and then some. Its not what these students are eating in school the problem, its their over all diets and all the fastfood they eat and what they eat at home. These machines probally even made a profit for our school. The thing is not everything was unhealthy. School gets pretty long and i know when im hungry i dont have the oppurtunity to fuel my body and get energy to be attent in class, because they took away our machines. If they wanted to help students with having a more nutritional diet, they should have concentrated on providing a better school lunch rather than taking away a machine. There are more calories in a piece of pizza than a bag of chips that has like 5 chips in it to begin with. One candy bar won't make a difference, plus more than half of our grade is in sports. They will burn it off. If they want to promote health in a productive manner they need to increase the quality of the school lunch. Provide perhaps a salad bar that has multiple options of healthy food. We pay for the food at school its not like its free so why dont they make it better so we can atleast get what we paid for it. Taking away a candy machine isnt going to help that much, i mean maybe its a start. They need to better the food they serve at the school so people dont have to rely on junk food because it seems to be a better option than what was provided. To target better eating habits you have to hit the source which is each individual. To maintain a healthy and have a nutritional diet it has to be available. The schools should make the oppurtunity of being healthy more reliable, by serving it. Most students would rather pay an average of 5 dollars a day to go out for lunch rather than eat the cafeteria food. The nutrionists should maybe put that into consideration.

Death Penalty or LIfe with out Parole?

Sunday September 10th
Death Penalty or Life with out Parole?Alfonso Rodriguez is a 50 year old man who lived with his mother in Crookston. Rodriguez is a level 3 sex offender who was released from jail in may of 2003 from a 23 year jail term for stabbing and trying to kidnap a woman. He had also previously pleaded guilty of rape. On Dec. 2nd of 2003 he was arrested because he had connections with the disappearance of Dru Sjodin, a student, at the Unniversity of North Dakota. Rodriguez admitted to being near the Columbia Mall the day Dru disappeared. Alfonso had receipts of stores around the area she disappeared, the receipt that caught polices attention was on from menards, he had purchased a knife. Police then searched Rodriguezes car finding blood samples matching up with Dru's DNA, a womans shoe, and a knife. He pleaded innocent to all charges but was later proven guilty of raping and murdering Dru Sjodin. Sjodin's body was recovered West of Cookston on April 17th, 2004, after the snow had melt. Alfonso Rodriguez was convicted of the murder of Dru Sjodin on August 30th 2006 and now is facing Death Penalty.,_Jr commited a very horrible crime, after reading some of the comments from roomates, family, and friends i cannot even imagine what is going through their minds. If any man had ever done this to anybody i knew or loved my first thought would be kill him, get rid of these sick perverts that commit such devistating crimes. When you think about it, if we were to put to death a person who killed somebody, we are committing the same crime they did. These people are very ill, and i think they should have to live life in missery and be locked up everyday of their life, reminding them of what they did and how it completely ruined their lives. He has a past of commiting crimes, and was forgiven. Rodriguez was released, and given the chance to become normal and learn by his mistakes, he failed to do so. He messed up big time, and maybe he wants his life to end, so he doesn't have to put up with his punishment. In my opinion these people should have to go through manditory treatment before being put back on the streets again. They commit these crimes because they are lossed and have no sense of direction in their lives, they are confused, have problems, dont understand life, dont understand human rights, can't seek happiness, they have lost all human morals and cannot get back on track themselves. They need help, prison and jail time doesnt do them any good they need guidlines. If anything being stuck in a jail makes them become even more inhumaine and when they get out they feel a sense of rebellion towards the world and attack again. So why release people when its obvious they have not changed and chances are they will commit the crimes again. Have them prove themselves worthy before being released. The world is a complicated place, where there will always be good and evil. Just how much of this evil can be controlled? If so how can it be prevented? I dont think death is the answer, he needs to pay for what he did, understand how he crushed the hearts of Dru's loved ones. I think he should recieve life with out parole.